Jones Elementary PTA 2023-2024 Members

Jones Elementary PTA has lots of activities planned for the school year! We look forward to your support!

Board Members

Elected Positions

President – Liz Ramsey

VP Membership – Joscelyn Runnells

Treasurer – Lauren Grum

Financial Secretary – Anna Gladson

Secretary – Karen Connolly

Historian – Sarah Stuckenschneider

Appointed positions

Hospitality – Anna Pyle

Volunteer Coordinator – Morgan Soule

Communications – Amelianne Johannes

Outreach – Megan Shea Sharpe

Room Parent Coordinator – Claire Collard Johnson

Special Projects – Patrick Figger

 How To Join Jones PTA

Becoming a member of Jones PTA allows you to become as involved with your student’s school as you desire. You can occupy available Board positions, volunteer for committees or events, or simply participate by becoming a PTA Association Member for a small contribution. We look forward to any choice you make that will be best for you and your family.

You can become a PTA Association Member online at your convenience using our membership management service Totem.

Want to join the board or know about open positions email


Board Position Descriptions

  • Oversees and coordinates the work of an executive board to run a PTA effectively
  • Presides at PTA board and association meetings
  • Serves as the official contact, communicator and representative of a PTA
  • Designated as an authorized signer for PTA checks, contracts and authorizations for payment
  • Serves as ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee
  • Works with other PTA leaders to connect families, school and community to support student success

More Information:

VP Membership

The PTA membership chairman/vice president works with the membership committee to plan the annual membership campaign. The membership chairman/vice president is responsible for creating and implementing a membership plan, promoting membership throughout the year, providing membership reports at PTA board and association meetings, collecting dues, and distributing membership cards.

Obtain (from predecessor and unit president) and study materials related to performing the duties of membership chairman/vice president:

  • Membership campaign plans from past years, including goals, themes, calendars, budgets, final membership numbers, etc.

Download or obtain the Membership section of the California State PTA Toolkit to learn the basics of PTA membership, responsibilities, campaign planning and available resources.

Contact council or district PTA for current membership information, due dates, incentives and awards offered.

  • Attend PTA training designed for membership chairmen/vice presidents.

Meet with the membership committee, appointed by the president-elect, before the beginning of the school year. Work closely with the school principal, the unit president and the membership committee members.

  • Suggested committee members could include: principal, treasurer, teacher, hospitality chairman, public relations/publicity coordinator, room representative coordinator and students (essential in a secondary PTA).

More Information:

    • Maintains permanent records to track unit funds and financial transactions
    • Chairs budget committee and prepares annual budget for adoption by the association
    • Pays all PTA bills as authorized by board or association
    • Prepares reports for every board and association meeting and an annual financial report
    • Ensures taxes and reports required by PTA bylaws, insurance or federal and state governments are completed and submitted by the due dates

    More Infomation:

    Financial Secretary
    • Works closely with the treasurer and other financial officers in handling PTA funds
    • Keeps a record of all PTA funds collected, deposited and disbursed
    • Prepares monthly and annual financial reports

    More Infomation:

    • Takes minutes at board and association meetings
    • Co-signs formal papers with president: authorizations for payment, resolutions and formal letters
    • Handles PTA correspondence as directed by the president
    • Maintains and preserves PTA records and important documents to pass on at the end of the term

    More Information:

    • Captures, assembles and preserves record of activities and achievements of a PTA
    • Collects volunteer hours for PTA meetings and events
    • Completes and submits the PTA Unit-Annual Historian Report to council/district PTA
    • Displays or presents brief overview of PTA year at meeting near the end of the school year

    More Information:

    • Acts as official host of a PTA in creating welcoming atmosphere at meetings and events
    • Works with committee and other chairman to organize and set up refreshments, food, decorations, registration, greeters and baby-sitting for PTA meetings and events
    • Maintains hospitality supplies and equipment and an updated inventory for them
    • Presents hospitality budget for approval at executive board meeting at start of the PTA year and monitor authorized budget
    • Reports on hospitality plans at board meetings for forthcoming PTA events

    More Information:

    Volunteer Coordinator
    • Works with the PTA president, principal and teachers to coordinate volunteer assignments at the school to support student success
    • Collaborates with other PTA board members, teachers and administrators to assess and identify how parents/guardians and community members can get more involved at school as volunteers
    • Oversees volunteer recruitment, training and assignments
    • Promotes PTA goals, membership and activities as a PTA committee chairman or officer

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    • Positively impacts the lives of all children and families; and
    • Is a relevant, inclusive, influential volunteer-powered association working for the well-being of children and youth.

    Obtain (from predecessor) and study the procedure book and other materials related to performing the duties of communications leader:

    • Print publications: past issues, deadline schedules, duplicating process and mailing permit information, templates.
    • Electronic communications: email account names and passwords, web hosting information, domain name information, social media usernames, logins and passwords, webmaster contact information.
    • Calendar of events and contact information for PTA officers and chairmen.
    • Budget
    • Names and contact information for local media contacts.

    More Information:


    Outreach is, first, a commitment to create an inviting climate. Further, it is about forming respectful, trusting relationships throughout the school community and recognizing that everyone has value. Outreach is sharing and distributing important information about PTA and topics of concern that inform and invite action.

    Outreach must be a priority for all of us. The greater the ability of PTA members and leaders to form positive one-on-one relationships with all community members, the greater their ability to generate positive impacts for all children, the school community, and the association.

    Outreach efforts are successful when PTA leaders can develop community support with meaningful two-way discussions focusing on student success.

    Outreach includes efforts that focus on enlisting the participation of parents, students, and community members in the educational process and establishing collaborative relationships focused on positive impacts.


    More Information:

    Room Parent Coordinator
    • Works with the PTA president, principal and teachers to coordinate Room Representatives at the school to build stronger family-school partnerships to support student success
    • Collaborates with other PTA board members, teachers and administrators to identify how parents can get more involved at school
    • Oversees the recruitment and training for parent volunteers as Room Representatives for a classroom or grade level
    • Promotes PTA goals, membership and activities on campus as a committee chairman or officer

    More Information:

    Special Projects